Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vincent the Vegetable Vampire Takes a Bath

Vincent the Vegatable Vampire 

So I saw a post on another sight pointing out this wonderful little number by Morgan Freeman from the old Electric Company series.

First off, you've got to love Freeman having a ball in the part, let alone a children show singing a song about a casket, something you just wouldn't see on Barney, that's for sure. But one thing they got really, really wrong.

All these posts, keep referring to Freeman's character as Dracula, but as any true fan of the Electric Company can tell you, Freeman wasn't Dracula, oh no, Freeman played the nefarious Vincent the Vegetable Vampire. Vincent was everything a vampire should be, except he was a vegetarian.

Now sadly, I can't find his theme song on YouTube, but as weird as this sounds, I was a real fan of Vincents back in the day.

Him and Letterman anyway.

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