Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Book of Knowledge Annual 1962

At a local thrift shop I spent a quarter and walked away with a copy of The Book of Knowledge Annual 1962, part of the familiar encyclopedia series for students published by Grolier inc.

It's just a lovely "Gee Whiz" book filled with great pictures and illustrations, and being 1962, with a heavy emphasis n the Space Program.

I wanted to share a few of the more interesting shots I came across....

First American in space, Astronaut  Alan Sheppard tests a prototype space suit, that is more Major Matt Mason than NASA.

The design certainly didn't offer nearly enough protection compared to the final designs, but you've got to love the style.

From outer space to under the sea, a look at early examples of modern diving gear.

The ant page above gives a great example of the level of illustration that runs throughout this book, with bright, well drawn, clear pages of a style you just do not see anymore.

Also something we don't see too much of these days, the excitement for innovations and technological advancement that was such a part of the era. Okay, "Atoms for Peace" might be a bit much, but you still have to admire the drive these people had to move us into the modern world.

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