Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Buffalo Gals: Malcolm McLaren brings hip hop to the masses

Malcolm McLaren

After the break-up of the Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren found himself trying to figure out what the next "big" thing was going to be.

Bow Wow Wow took up much of his time, but after all the issues over control he had gone through with John Lydon, McLaren was determined to put out his own albums and not worry about having to coddle any "hired help".

You've got to give the old con artist credit though, because what he found was Hip Hop, which at the time was in it's nascent form as street music.

What he came up with is the classic, Buffalo Gals....

McLaren was the first but certainly not the last person connected to the Punk scene who showed support for this new form of music.And while this song is almost forgotten these days, it's still one of the very first Hip Hop songs that got mainstream attention.

Plus come on who doesn't like a good old fashioned Rap-Square Dance?

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