Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Jim Starlin's Warlock

Originally from Warlock #10 (1976), but scanned from issue #3 of the Warlock Special Edition (1983). Warlock conveniently thinks back on how the last few issues of his adventures had led him to where he was that day. Awesome drawing.
Art by Jim Starlin

Originally created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee for an issue of the Fantastic Four, Him was a genetically perfect being created by a group of criminal scientists. Him's first act was to murder his "parents" and leave the planet heading into space.

Roy Tomas took the character several years later and gave him a name, Adam Warlock, and a job, Cosmic Messiah. The messiah of "Counter Earth" that planet circling exactly the opposite of Earth on the far side of the sun.

Eventually adopted by Marvel's resident 1970's comics guru, Jim Starlin, Warlock has been a major player in the more important "Cosmic" sagas.