Saturday, April 12, 2014

1976 - The Mighty Marvel Bicentennial Calendar

This time let's take a look at the utterly cool, utterly goofy, Mighty Marvel Bicentennial Calendar from 1976.

Written by Tony Isabella with are by a wide variety of great artists, this was another great calendar from the House of Ideas.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

1976 - Marvel Comics Bubble Gum Stickers

Marvel Comic Sticker Box 1976

As kids most of us had our fair share of bubble gum cards. One of my personal favorites, were the stickers Topps put out for Marvel Comics. Here is a large selection of character stickers from the 1976 edition.

Sure the jokes are dumb, but at 12 they weren't that bad really.

The Vision

The Angel

Howard the Duck

A pre-Winter Soldier Bucky


Red Sonja

Black Goliath

Doctor Strange

Blade the Vampire Slayer


Captain America

Hercules got a couple of bad jokes

Same for Luke Cage, Power Man



Hawkeye back in his Goliath era


Nick Fury

Doctor Doom

Ice Man

The Fantastic Fours, Human Torch

Also from the Fantastic Four, the Invisible Girl
And the Thing, I'm sure there is a card for Mister Fantastic, but I don't have it

Iron Man

Kid Colt, Outlaw
Loki, long before they made him all sexy and stuff


A selection of packages from the 1976 edition of Marvel stickers
If Peter Parker is around.....

... can Spider-Man be far behind????

The Punisher

The Red Skull

One of the most innocent Marvel characters, the Silver Surfer

On the other hand, the Son-of -Satan

The Incredible Hulk

The Watcher

A double shot of Volstagg


Adam Warlock

On the back of several of the cards were sections of a larger picture that when put together 
gave us a nice looking copy of the Cover to Conan the Barbarian #1