Sunday, February 24, 2013

Movie Advertisements 1971, pt 3

'sAnd even more of the scans from the Ft Collins newspapers of 1971.

I saw this double feature at a midnight movie, much better poster then films

I get a kick out of the pseudo-documentary titles for these early porn films

The second feature, Danish Blue, plus I wonder what "Susie" the X rated cartoon looked like?

I also notice that in the early days, the smut guys hadn't quite settled on a
 format yet, and still showed their films along with conventional films as filler.

Apparently everyone in Northern Europe was having fascinating sex circa 1971

Again, I know I'm not really posting much about these films, but this is mainly a chance to scan some of these advertisements and get them up online for collectors, fans and just plain historic purposes.

One of my favorite "hard" science fiction films

Clint Eastwood's first America Western film

John Wayne and Lee Van Cleef with a double feature

Future James Bond Tim Dalton starred in this early 70's version of Bronte's classic

Basically a play on film, Little Murders is one caustic film

Cold Turkey is also pretty caustic, but Dick Van Dyke shines

Robert Redford does his best Easy Rider take

Richard Harris gets hung by his breast bones from the ceiling, by choice

Great design on this poster for Cromwell

'ol Blue Eyes and Elvis together in a double feature

Same double feature, only a bit more Elviscentric 

Another ad for Vanishing Point

And another all-star Airport advertisement

THX-1138 is a classic and Trog is good enjoyable trash

Walter Matthau as a likable lady killer

I was a huge fan of Disney's Dexter Riley films starring Kurt Russel, 

Very odd Altman follow-up to MASH

Carrie Snodgrass & Richard Benjamin two stars of the 70's

As much as I like the Nicholson classic, I can't help but
wonder about any film that starred both Oliver Reed and Hayley Mills

Candice Bergen sudeser

The Stones at Altamont

More early 70's smut

One of Cassavetes best films, with two of his best actors

1971 re-release

One of the great concert films of all time

Just how terrifying could a GP picture be?

A forgotten treat, Archy and Mehitabel come to the big screen with a truly enjoyable adaptation

More Disney teen fun with Kurt Russel

Double feature from the great AIP studios

Chuck Jones directed this great film
adaptation of the classic children's novel

Stacy Keach and his traveling electric chair

Western Double Feature

James Bond re-release

An yet another advertisement for Vanishing Point

I don't know who makes a better couple, Sellers and Hawn or Davis and Lawford?

Dino De Laurentis, making unwatchable epics long before King Kong

Allen Funt of Candid Camera shoots for relevance in the "hip" 1970's

I like his early films, especially the funny ones.

Great action advertisement

John Rubinstein and Don Johnson in a hippie, western musical 

Michael York's first starring role

Clint Eastwood goes up against the one
enemy he can't defeat...schoolgirls

I've enjoyed getting these scanned and cleaned up and hope you like them.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Movie Advertisements 1971, pt 2

Terry Southern's Candy, 1971

Hi gang, even more movie ad scans.

Some nice choices at the theater 1971

Re-release of Disney's 1954 classic

The Statue (1971) was certainly a career high point for David Niven

An unusual double feature (1971)

Matt Helm and Youth Rebellion, not necessarily a double bill I'd think of

Full page of movie ads, 1971

Vanishing Point / Matt Helm double bill, 1971

One More Train to Rob, 1971

Throbbing color?

The Night Visitor, 1971

If It's Tuesday This Must Be Belgium, 1971

Re-release It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World 

Little Big Man,1971

I really enjoy getting these put up for posterity.