Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Defending Bob Kane

Batman co-creator Bob Kane was a man who over the years alienated many of his fellow creators and co-workers. Kane's reputation as an artist has taken some real hits since many of the classic stories that his name is signed onto, were not drawn by him.

And yet, there are pages like this one from Detective Comics #31 back in the very early days....

Batman as Mysterious Creature of the Night

The Batgyro silhouetted against a full moon striking terror to everyone who sees him, is really just a quintessential Batman page.

Here is a two page spread from Detective Comics #32 by Kane showing Batman in a world of strange and supernatural figures, that's really just wonderful to look at...

From 1939

Page 2

A deadly woman 

It's all there, the huge shadows, the ever present sense of danger and the mysterious hero lurking through the night fighting evil.

The art is rough but the styling is brilliant and it is a real shame that instead of working on improving what is obvious talent, he instead came to rely so deeply on the work of others.

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