Sunday, July 3, 2011

1977: The DC Comics, Direct Currents Hot-Line

DC Hotline Ad  1977

For a few months back in the late 1970's DC comics using the latest in modern technology set-up a toll free telephone number that fans could call in on and hear a five minute long tape that changed on a weekly basis filled with updates on new DC comics, brief interviews with various writers and artists, and previews of upcoming DC movies.

I remember spending hours at a time dialing the phone waiting to get past the busy signal and finally getting my chance to listen in.

These days with the existence of not only the internet, but also an established fan press, it's easy for fans to connect with their favorite writers and artists, but in 1977, the chance to hear the voice of Jules Schwartz or Nelson Birdwell talking about upcoming comics was just about the coolest thing I had ever run into.

And yeah, just for the hell of it I dialed the number again, and got the 800 line for some office somewhere, so no need to bother them.

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