Saturday, July 16, 2011

Alexander Film Company of Colorado Springs

Once upon a time my hometown Colorado Springs was the home to a full fledged movie studio.

From 1919 through the late 1970's the Alexander Film Company produced instructional films, commercials, and many of the classic drive-in movie bumpers of the 40's and 50's.

Alexander Film Co in the 1950's

Unlike film studios such as Universal, Warner or even "poverty" row producers like Republic, Alexander was a working class studio producing huge volumes of side features, advertisements, intermission features, educational and promotional films.

Below is a promotional film produced by the studio to pitch new clients, that gives a great tour of the studio, giving a real feel for just how big a production unit Alexander's actually was.

As a kid I stood outside the locked gates of the closed studio, stunned that something so magical was so close and yet had died before I had even known it existed.

Finally I wanted to post this short promotional film Alexander made for the city of Colorado Springs and the surrounding area in 1946 to give a good example of what it was that Alexander did. Plus it's a fun look at my city "once upon a time".


  1. I remember the Alexander Film Company in the 50's. The YMCA sponsored a tour of the facility one summer for their summer youth day camp. The Cub Scouts also rented the cafeteria for their Cub Scout dinners for several years. Pleasant memories.

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  3. Thank you I visited in 1948. Then lived there from 1963 till 1980 . Had friends that worked at Alexander film. is great to see these pictures again