Sunday, July 10, 2011

Serious Crazy: Jack Chick's Light of the World

Jack Chick says that Satan walks among us doing his best to keep all of us dammed souls from finding our redemption. 

Of course Jack Chick also believes that the Catholic church murdered Abraham Lincoln because he was about to expose their connection to the Illuminati to the rest of the world, that George Washington was secretly replaced by Adam Weishaupt, and that when John Lennon said that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus, he was saying it because of the deal the band had made with their dark master to gain success and fame.

So really, you need to take anything he comes up with not a grain of salt, but an entire marsh.

And yet, after all these years I find the work of Jack Chick as well as his primary artist Fred Clark to be really wonderfully fun to read.

Bigoted, opinionated, self-righteous and yet at the same time, obviously and desperately trying to authentically save souls. His work is a contradiction of deep seated decency warped by a thoroughly evil interpretation of scripture.

Which bring me to his film, Light of the World

Not really a movie so much as an extended power point, where Chick lays out his views on the creation of the world, the Life of Christ and most importantly about the day to day way that Satan, mostly through the Catholic church works to damm us all.

Filled with some amazingly well done art by Carter, Chicks magnum opus is filled with paranoia, conspiracy, fear and hate. But as an exploitation film goes, you can do quite a bit worse. 

As long as you keep your skeptics hat on and watch this movie from a thoroughly ironic perspective, recognizing what you are seeing for what it is, it can really be lots of fun.

And so with that caveat in mind, I give you, Jack Chick's, Light of the World...

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