Friday, September 23, 2011

Watching Night Flight

On Friday nights, back in the 80's, before it became the place to go for low budget cop shows, the USA Network was the home of the eclectic video show Night Flight.

In many ways, Night Flight was the grandparent of YouTube, with it's oddball shorts combined with music and old political clips, Night Flight was the the most unusual show on the air.

So in tribute to one of the great shows of the television era, below is my own brief, little bloggers tribute to Night Flight...

Night Flight: A Night In the Wildwood

Firesign Theatre: Rat in the Box, broadcast on Night Flight 1985

Night Flight: A Little Irony

Jacmac and Radboy Go!!

Night Flight: The Devil's Ball

The The - Infected,World Premiere on Night Flight 1986

Night Flight: The Thing What Lurked in the Tub

Night Flight: A Trip to the Movies

Night Flight: Slack Explained

Night Flight: Shadows

Night Flight: A Look At Video Art

Night Flight: Prophet and Loss

Night Flight: Touchdown Retribution

I think this sample of bits from Night Flight should give all of you an idea of what the show was like week after week. And because of Night Flight a whole bunch of us were able to survive one of tv's worst decades.

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  1. Oh wow, so memories coming back here. As a kid in the early to mid 80's I would stay up late on weekends to watch this religiously.