Wednesday, September 7, 2011

UPDATED: Superman Would Want Us to Help

Superman Fan Mike Meyer

The story of Superman collector Mike Meyer and the theft of a sizable section of his collection has been across the net for the last few days as reported here.

I contacted the reporter who wrote the original piece who put me in touch with Mr. Meyers family.

They let me know that they still have hopes of recovering Mike's collection and that the police are taking this seriously, which was good to know.

He also let me know that if we had the time, that maybe sending Mike a card or even a drawing with Superman on it, would be something that would really make his week.

So come on gang, take the time and buy the stamp and send Mike something with Superman on it.

Here is the address....

Mike Meyer c/o Bill Smith
7041 Kingsbury Blvd.
St. Louis, Mo. 63130

Let's do something nice for Mike, it will make you feel good too.


A friend of Mike's posted this message from him over on Facebook...

From Mike: I want to Thank you my new found friends. It's almost

 as if you all formed a fan club which should be referred to as 

"Supermen/women United" and this dark cloud that was over me has

 disappeared and the sky is clear. You are certainly applying the 

scripture Matthew 7 vrs 12. On the other hand this Gerry who is a

no good buzzered like predator is applying the traits in the scripture

 of 2nd Timothy 3 vrs 2 to 4 and he will not enter into the Kingdom

. Thank you very much for your support it has been very

encouraging. On the other hand if my stuff is returned to me I will

 inform you

Special note "I would like to see George Reeves on a postage stamp.

Thanks again to everyone who pitched in.

UPDATE: 9-16-2011

Gary has been arrested and Mike has his collection back


  1. Hey Rick. I just posted an original piece that I did for mike on my blog. Gonna send it out to him tomorrow. Thanks for getting the info !

  2. I've illustrated a bunch of Superman early readers for HarperCollins - I could send signed copies to him, but I wouldn't him to think I was insulting him because they're early readers and I know they're not the same as comics.
    Let me know. I could also include an original drawing from one of them.
    Let me know

  3. Steve, from the sound of it he loves anything Superman related. I'm sure getting signed books would be something he'd really enjoy.

    And Ray, thanks for helping to spread the word.

  4. no problem. I'll send these out beginning of next week

  5. Maybe we could all pitch in and get the guy a bigger bed too.

  6. Hi!

    My name is Chris, and I just came across your article from a link from the Comics Cube website. I’m very sorry to hear this happened to Mike. I wasn’t sure who to contact, but I would like to help out if I can.

    If you have a list of what items were stolen, please let me know. I am a licensed auctioneer (PA Lic#AU005664), and would be glad to pass it on to other members of the National Auctioneers Association. Often when collections are stolen, the NAA and the PAA will send out messages informing members to be on the lookout if someone should bring it to be sold at auction.

    It’s more likely that the thief would probably take everything to a local comic ship, eBay or Craigslist (and as a community we should all definitely keep an eye out on these venues as well), but we can help recover it if it should end up at a member Auction House.

    Also, if I know of any of my regular consignors who have similar pieces, I can pass along the story and see if they would be willing to donate replacements. I know it’s not exactly the same and doesn’t have the same emotional attachment as the originals, but we get a lot of similar stuff passing through here all the time, so I’m sure we could help track down some replacements people might be willing to donate.

    Finally, if they are unable to recover the collection, I would be happy to offer my services, free of charge, to help organize a fundraiser auction to provide Mike with the money to repurchase what was lost. We’ve had the great fortune to do a number of charity Toy/Comic Art auctions for some great causes including the disaster relief organization Convoy of Hope and the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation recently. I am always excited to be able to turn unfortunate situations like this into something positive, so I would be more than glad to help out.

    Christopher Noon, Auctioneer (PA Lic#AU005664)
    (610) 997 0165

  7. I first read this on the Facebook page, I'm sending him out some Superman coloring books, a selection of 1970's and 1960's Superman and Action comics doubles I have and a small pile of Superman promo posters I collected when I worked at a comic shop in the 1990's.. giving feels good :-)

  8. I'd like to send some of the Superman books I have done for DC comics as well. Similar to Steve, the books are for younger readers, but they are great reads. Please email me with the mailing address and I'll send them out right away. Cheers,
    Dan Schoening

  9. You can reach Mike at...

    Mike Meyer c/o Bill Smith
    7041 Kingsbury Blvd.
    St. Louis, Mo. 63130

  10. I did a piece on Mike for a few days ago, to help spread the word. I'm so, so happy that so many people are doing something! I hope they're able to get his own stuff back too.