Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gratuitous Sexy Girl Pictures from the 1970's

Jane Seymour, Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, 1977

So I recently noticed that when I checked my stats most of my posts will get a few dozen hits a day, maybe even going as high as a hundred.

But two posts I put up of Bettie Page, the one post I put up of classic strippers and the brief bit about Marilyn Monroe all get about a thousand hits a day each.

So apparently sex is a great way to pull in readers from all over.

So with that terribly self-serving thought in mind, let's check out some sexy, but slightly obscure babes, and generate some page hits!!!!!

Jane Seymour 1974

Back in the 70's years before Dr. Quinn, Jane Seymour spent time as a Bond girl in Live and Let Die and as the Princess in Distress in Ray Harryhausen's, Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger.

Caroline Murno in the Golden Voyage of Sinbad, 1975

Speaking of Sinbad, another Princess in Distress who made a memorable appearance in the Golden Voyage of Sinbad was 70's science fiction and horror mainstay Caroline Murno.

Caroline Murno and friend in Starcrach, 1979

Having been married to both Peter Sellers and Rod Stewart, Britt Ekland has led a fairly complicated life. On film though, she was great fun in her Bond girl appearance, In the Man With the Golden Gun, playing along both Roger Moore and Christopher Lee.

But her best known role these days is probably for her small, but unforgettable role, acting alongside Christopher Lee once again, in the original Wicker Man.

Britt Ekland in the Wicker Man, 1973

Still going strong more than 40 years since she started acting, Charlotte Rambling remains the epitome of refinement and European cool.

Charlotte Rambling

On the American side is the actress Jane Fonda.

Jane Fonda

Better known these days for her politics, her marriage to Ted Turner and he possible treason against the United States during a visit to North Vietnam in the early 1970's, Fonda never the less was one of the great beauties of her era.

Okay, I'm done.

Please forgive my complete lack of artistic scruples.

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