Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Manitou Arcade

The Penny Arcade in Manitou Springs , Colorado

So today was a long and tense day that can only be known as, Tuesday.

There was nothing left to do but take the wife for a beer, and then hang out for awhile at the Penny Arcade in Manitou Springs playing dime PinBall.

A few of the classic pinball machines at the Manitou Arcade

The Penny Arcade has always been one of my special places, ever since I was a kid.

While all my friends were pumping quarters into machine after machine over in the mall, I'd take the bus to Manitou and spend hours playing for a couple of bucks.

A row of  dime shooting games

The selection of antique games run from machines from the 1920's and 30's, through the classic 50's pinball machines, to classic early 80's video games.

More of the classic arcade machines at the Manitou Arcade

It certainly helped to make the end of the day much better then the start.


  1. Very cool pictures! I have always wanted to own some of my own classic arcade machines so that I can play them the way they were meant to be played. I think some of the classics like Ms. Pac Man or Donkey Kong would look really good in my basement.

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