Saturday, August 13, 2011

Magazineland 1977 - Complete

I surprisingly received several emails about the last post on the Magazineland ad supplement with several people asking me to send them copies or post the whole book.

After looking through it and finding no copyright information at all, I've decided that it is probably okay to post the book under public domain.

If you own the copyright though, let me know and I'll take it down.

In the meantime, here is Magazineland in its entirety....


  1. Owned a copy of this. Also we drove by there one time when i was a kid... begged dad to stop there so i could kiss the ground or something.

  2. This is so Wonderful. "Thank U ! Thank You!" . . . . for Posting all of The Book.
    i'd never heard of this. Was not Collecting very Actively, at that time, of the 70s.
    It's Cool bringing History to Life thru such a Creative Book.
    i Hope to find a Copy . . . .
    or,maybe , (Can i Print This? Is That okay?),
    when i can afford a new Ink cartridge in March. ~john, San Francisco Bay Area ; New

  3. Amazing!
    Thanks so much for posting this
    I first saw some of these pages at another site a few years ago - pleased to have found the original.
    I attributed the images wrongly when I used one at my blog... I will correct that.
    I might use a couple more in a future post... will now attribute correctly of course!
    Meanwhile 2 questions:
    Do you know if this comic was printed on white "Mando" or "Baxter" paper, or plain old newsprint?
    Do you know if it was printed by offset litho or letterpress?
    I can't see any clues, unless we count Robin's "Holy offset printing!" remark.
    I'm trying to figure out when comics went from letterpress to offset.
    The process seen here in the comic looks like letterpress. No mention of the rubber offset stage used in offset litho.
    Best wishes,
    Guy Lawley

    1. Years late answering, but the book is offset on newsprint. Wherever you are Guy Lawley, sorry I missed this.