Saturday, October 26, 2013

Movie Advertisements - More from December 1972

Hi Gang

Here's more great movie advertisements from December 1972.

Along with the Gazette-Telegraph from Colorado Springs, we also have a bunch from Denver's Rocky Mountain News.

Some really good ones here, enjoy..

I have to admit, that I just love this ad. Even for an adult film, it's over the top

A nice variety of movies to go see at the local Drive-in's

Dumbo? I love Dumbo. I don't care what people say, Dumbo is a great movie

The Out House? Seats for all?

A low-budget Italian import double feature

Deep Throat was a legitimate social phenomenon. The world is a silly place sometimes

Dumbo, he's an elephant, and he flies. Dumbo is cool! Also nice little add for a great Jack Lemmon film

A good time at the horror show for all

Though her film career was fairly brief, Diana Ross was excellent as Holiday

The Beatle double feature looks good

I have to tell you people, I loath the musical Oliver. It's just so damm earnest.

Fellini, that's more like it. The midnight show is a good choice too

Ken Russell movies were usually worth it

The Disney World tour film is actually very cool

Closed on Monday's

Strip-O-Rama began in the 1950's and was popular for decades

McQueen and Peckinpah were a great combination

First of two for Charles Bronson in The Valachi Papers

More Charles Bronson in The Valachi Papers

Tora, Tora, Tora, re-released for December 7th

Hammer Horror double feature

One of the 10 best movies ever? Yeah?...No.

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