Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rubber Fangs

So I ran across this old commercial for the Barnabas Collins, Dark Shadows Game and I realized that way back when I owned the damm thing.

Now really, the game itself was pretty awful, basically all you did was spin a dial and work on putting together these cheap glow in the dark skeletons.

What made the game awesome however was the set of rubber fangs that came with it. Now of course all of you have owned a pair of plastic fangs at least once, so I am sure that you will all remember how they scrape against your gums, make it impossible to talk and most of all make a person drool, and not for blood.

But these rubber fangs fit in your mouth comfortably, let you talk and best of all, you could hide them in your mouth without looking like a drooling idiot.

And as an 8 year old would be vampire, these quickly became my prized possession, that is right up until I straight up wore them out.

Ah youth.

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