Saturday, June 11, 2011

Black Dynamite

First off, let’s get this part out of the way, Black Dynamite is the best movie in the history of film.

Forgive the spoilers, but any movie the revolves around a plot to shrink black men’s “Johnson’s” and ends with a climatic Kung Fu battle between the heroic Black Dynamite and a fighting mad Richard Nixon is not to be missed.

In a pitch-perfect comedic throwback to the Blaxploitation era, when Dolemite ruled the city andSuperfly was the baddest Motherfucker next to Shaft, our hero Black Dynamite loves the ladies, fights the man and saves his streets from a bunch of dickshrinking evildoers, and ends the film by making some sweet love to First Lady Pat Nixon?

I mean come on, what more could a human being want from a film?

Here's the trailer, and just trust me when I say that Black Dynamite is the film Tarentino hoped he was making with Grindhouse but failed.

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