Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hobo With a Shotgun

When Grindhouse came out back in 2007, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez held a contest to let new filmmakers come up with their own trailer for the C-Picture they would make. The winner of the competition was Jason Eisener and his trailer was the utterly overboard, Hobo With A Shotgun 

The trailer was impressive enough that financing was found and now starring the great Rutgar Hauer,Hobo With a Shotgun is easily the best movie to come out so far in 2011.

Filmed on a very tight budget, director Eisener makes good use of his limitations, giving us a brightly colored, sleezy, comicbook world, filled with the worst kind of stereotypical scum. All the cops are crooked, all the men are rapists, all the women whores, just about the worst nightmare, bad city, this side of Hell.

Into this mess comes old crazy bum, Rutgar Hauer, who dreams of someday coming up with enough money to buy the lawnmower he always wanted, but after coming to the aid of a very young, and almost slightly innocent prostitute, finds himself buying a pump action shotgun instead and starts to set the world to right.

Totally over the top, blood, spraying in huge torrents, body parts get ripped to pieces, little kids get burned to death in their school bus by giggling hoods with a flamethrower.

It’s just non stop violence.

I really liked this film.

Sure, like Black Dynamite half the fun of the movie is it’s obvious self-awareness about trying to make a “bad” movie. But they really manage to make a really evil little exploitation movie in the process. 

Of course Hauer is excellent, as the Hobo, who plays him like that smelly, crazy guy who spare changes you on the street everyday, but this time one who also happens to take massive damage while remaining more or less unkillable. The other actors, while not up to Hauers level do manage to have a fine time chewing up the scenery and being totally insane, especially the lead villain, “The Drake” and his two evil sons.

Add to it what I like to call a "Dirty Mary & Crazy Larry" ending and you have a just about perfect film.

I don’t do rating scales, but I will say this, Hobo With a Shotgun is a film that any member of Studd, would be proud to add to their video collection.

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