Friday, February 17, 2012

Let's Go To The Movies - April 16, 1970

Hey kids, it's another boring Thursday in Colorado Springs, circa 1970, and since nothing's really on tv tonight, how about we all go to a movie????

Let's see what's playing.

Hey a new Barry Newman picture's out, now this guy is going to be a star, I'm sure of it. I hear in his next picture he's going to be playing something very different, some kind of driver in a car chase film. I hope it's as good as this one looks to be.

Hey a couple of Robert Redford films.

Now, he's no Barry Newman, but this guy is doing alright for himself, and might even end up having something of a career.

The Drive-in's have some good choices, I mean how can you beat either a Lee Marvin film or naked bikers?

Over at the Broadmoor hotel, they've got themselves a sex comedy, whoo hoo!

Not to say that the drive-in's couldn't get  a little highbrow when they want to.

Don't want classy Europian stuff eh?

Well we can go see Midnight Cowboy, that one's good but a bit depressing.

Then again there's always the Vincent Price double feature.

Umm, there seems to be some smut out there too....

I remember the Flick, it was a cool little art house theater, but I don't recall seeing this one when I was 15.

Oh well, there's always something to see downtown, and I liked the book the Peck film is made from.

Wait I got it, here's the prefect movie for tonight....

Wowzer, it's so hot that one "X" just isn't enough.

Wonder if this is the start of a trend?

So come on then, you tell me, which movie should we go see?


  1. Sandra Dee was in the Dunwich Horror? I saw that when I about 11 and have virtually no memories of it.

    I've only seen Marooned on Mystery Science Theater. I'm sure it would be better without getting the heckling.

  2. Yup, in fact Dunwich Horror was supposed to be her big comeback as a serious actress. Honestly it didn't really work out that well for her, but hey, Dean Stockwell's great in this one.

  3. Dean Stockwell was one of the actors who could give a good performance even in the worst of movies. Even his voice acting in Batman Beyond was great. It's sad but Hollywood never found a place for him when he got older.