Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20, 1962 - John Glenn & Friendship 7

John Glenn on the Front Page of the Rocky Mountain News, February 21, 1962

50 years ago today, February 20, 1962, on a beautiful Florida Tuesday, John Glenn boarded a giant Mercury-Atlas 6 rocket and launched into history as the first American to launch into orbit around the Earth.

Interior Story on Friendship 7, Rocky Mountain News, Feburary 21, 1962

In just under 5 hours, Friendship 7 made 3 orbits around the Earth.

John Glenn, February 20, 1962

Glenn was the fifth man to go into space and the third American in space, but it was his orbit of the Earth that proved once and for all that NASA was in the space race for the long haul and that the United States was as capable as the Soviets in moving mankind into the Universe.

I have no idea where Senator Glenn is this evening, but wherever he is, tonight I'm drinking a toast to this great pioneer into eternity.

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