Friday, February 24, 2012

1973 - Movie Ad Madness

Okay gang, I scanned the rest of the movie ads I wanted to share with all of you.

Below is a grab bag from various Colorado papers including, The Gazette Telegraph, The Colorado Springs Sun and the Rocky Mountain News, all  from the Winter of 1973.

Have fun,

Forbidden Love, 1970's Style

The 4 Marx Brother or Charles Bronson, an easy decision

American history as it should have been

Love, Poetry and Death in Mexico

Tamara Dobson kicks monumental ass in Cleopatra Jones

Cold Turkey, with Dick Van Dyke and Bob Newhart is a
wonderfully mean spirited comedy from Norman Lear

A great time at the Drive-In

Try to find this kind of variety at the movies these days

Any one of these is worth the price of admission

Franco Nero and Jack Palance having Spaghetti Western fun

Pat Boone saves a young Erik Estrada from  the gangster life

Dracula AD 1972, Hammers best B-Picture

I hadn't even known that Cosby and Culp had made a movie

Here's the first in a series of great looking "Creature Features"

A Roger Corman / Edgar Allan Poe double feature

Here's a great looking "Marathon of Fright"

And from the very next week, another "Marathon of Fright"

The version Shakespeare kept to himself

The Pied Piper is a forgotten semi-horror gem that I'll be writing more about very soon

Years before the musical version of Little Shop of Horrors,the Corman classic was already being parodied

The disaster film cycle begins

Is this movie about a sled?

John Huston is a great time as Noah in an otherwise stunningly dull version of Genesis

What!!! Pam Grier is only on the "second" bill??

Maybe it's me, but there's something so smutty and yet innocent about 70's "dirty" movie title

Charles Bronson taking up half the page, because he's Bronson Dammit

See what I mean, obvious, and bad double entendres, but you can't help but like them

The fact that these movies played at the Drive-In really sort of amazes the 21st century sensibilities, doesn't it!

Nothing like a Hammer double feature to make a good night at the movies

Two of my very favorite examples of 1970's Science Fiction from
before Star Wars came along and mucked it all up


  1. Bronson was out in The Mechanic and Death Wish at the same time? I love the tagline "He has 100 ways to kill and they all work." As opposed to "He has 100 ways to kill but only one of them is even vaguely harmful."

  2. es increĆ­ble la pagina!!! felicitaciones, Paulina Uribe, stgo, Chile

  3. Back in the day when the Las Vegas Cinema was open you could call their number and they would have a recording with a sexy, husky voiced woman giving the movie titles, and showtimes complete with descriptions of the plot. Pretty heady stuff for a 13 year old boy back then....