Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oddly Personal

Cover to, The Fighting Five plus One, #1 (1970)

We were going through some boxes at my mothers house, clearing things up for the upcoming estate sale, when I came across an old suitcase just stuffed with the various cards, drawings, awards and news clippings that parents tend to hold onto, as well as a whole bunch of stuff that belonged to my dad.

Now lots of it was personal stuff, but at the same time I found all sorts of other things to show you that are actually pretty cool.

William Blinn and Manny Siegel 1927

During the 1920's my grandfather was something of a shady character, and the picture above shows my grandpa and his lifelong associate, Manny Siegel during the later part of the Prohibition era.

Chris Diehl and his cool hair

I loved this picture of my dad, Christopher Diehl from 1957.

Normally when I think of my dad I see this really serious guy wearing a tie and seeing Pop with this truly funky hairstyle, especially for like I said, 1957 was was cool.

Nice to see that dad was a rebel.

Here's a couple just for all the Studdsters out there.

Movie Ads, Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph
December 11, 1976
What to see, what to see?

Bambi or Teen Love, Any Man, Anywhere, Any Time?

And even more Movie Ads, Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph
December 11, 1976

These ads were taken out of an old newspaper with a story about my brothers choir trip in it, but what got my attention, was that ads for standard Hollywood fare, shared more or less equal billing with what were numerous porn theatres in Colorado Springs, which of course these days is known more for being the home of Focus on the Family then anything else.

Of course having grown up in the Springs, I know that our clean rep is mostly just for the religious tourists.

TV Guide, April 28 - May 4, 1973

Honestly, I have no idea at all why there was a copy of TV Guide included with all of these other bits, but there it was and inside of a plastic bag even.

It's significance is unknown.

Saturday morning just wasn't that great in 1973

One interesting item I did find that belonged to my dad was a little paperback book of very slightly smuty humor from the great Sergio Aragones.

Sergio Aragones Aunt's in your Pants

I had never seen this little book from 1967 before, but got a kick out of the "Playboy" style humor of the thing.

On a more personal note I got a huge kick out of this get well card sent to me from one of my classmate in 1970.

from Mike C.
I have no real memory of getting these cards originally, it was after all more then 40 years ago, but I like how happy the image is, and that it was important to let me know that Mike was a Cub Scout.

Also another thing I thought was interesting was that mom had held onto this famous headline...

Colorado Springs Sun, August 9, 1974

My mom had gone from a happy Young Republican to an Angry Democrat, and the pure joy around the house the day Nixon resigned was real.

Finally, I found a copy of a comicbook written and drawn by none other then me back in the early 70's titled, The Fighting Five Plus One.

I did 48 pages of pure superheroes with all of my own highly "original" characters.

Page one of the origin of Flame

Flame, was a guy who after a lab accident found himself able to burst into flames, and thereby decided to fight crime.

I might not have been a great artist, but looking back I really like lines such as, "I'm on fire. But I'm not dead".

Good stuff if you ask me.

I hadn't seen most any of these things since the late 70's at the very latest, so it was quite the surprise.

Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Hey, you have an ad for "Mission Stardust" in there, the one and only Perry Rhodan movie! I wasn't even aware it had been shown in movie theaters in America.

    Great stuff you found there, Rick... But now, like McCartney, I long for yesterday!