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1975 - The Story of O

The Story of O 

His friend one day took R to see a movie in a section of the city where they often go - The Peak Theater. After they have bought their popcorn, and have sat side by side near the front of the theater, begins a movie that because of its title, resembles a classic work of erotica, The Story of O.

Corinne Clery plays O as a subtle nymphet, full of quiet strength and power, happily embracing her lovers desire for the perfect submissive mistress, although I understand in another version she simply can't act.

I'm not certain which version is true.

"O" is surprised but stony and smoldering as her lover has her remove her panties and other undergarments.

As we will see her emotions run the full gambit from sultry to smoldering with many confused looks thrown in as well.

"O";s lover, Udo Kier, smolders with a quiet passion all his own that is only interrupted by his voice being dubbed by a man with a very deep voice, as if his testicles were twice the size of Keir's sensual head.

He tells "O" that she is to be taken to a very special Chateau, where she is to obey the orders of the men inside.

"O" is met by two women in most unusual clothing who then proceed to strip her, bathe her and prepare her make-up.

For what seems like an hour, but is only 15 minutes, "O" is powdered and made-up in every single in-depth detail that manages to go on forever .

Eventually "O" is introduced to the group of men who run this most out of the ordinary finishing school.

As she is passed around from "teacher" to "teacher" "O" proves an excellent student and is deemed ready for the next lesson.

Tied to a cornice, "O" is introduced to the lash.

Again and again the whip comes down against her back and yet never draws blood or even a welt.

Which is good with "O" who seems to enjoy the taste of the cane as much as any of her other lessons, impressing her instructors with her exuberance and obedience.

The next morning "O" is fitted with her own personal collar and brackets and begins her new life in the Chateau.

Life is not much different in the Chateau then in most other schools.

There's lunch.

Stories around the fire.

And finding new love away from home.

After graduating from her instruction, "O" is given by her lover, as a present to an older, richer man,

And they live Happily Ever After.

Directed by soft core king Just Jaeckin, The Story Of O has long been considered one of the great softcore films ever made, but honestly I have to say that I really wasn't that impressed.

The original novel by "Pauline Reage" was a fun read when I was 16, but the classic story of submission and sadism comes across as shallow sub-par eroticism when compared for example to the far more intelligent and just plain sexy work of Anais Nin.

As a film, "O" is the one thing that an erotic film should never be, dull.

Despite the lush photography, the amazingly beautiful women and the rather extreme storyline, "O" moves at a glacial pace, that takes whatever eroticism there is in the piece and makes the viewer ready for a good nap.

On the positive side though, there is just no denying the stunning beauty of the films star Corinne Clery.

While truly a wooden actress, she is still one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life.

Never the less, while I recognize the limitations of the genre itself, The Story of O is a beautiful looking film, but as a piece of exploitation film-making, and don't kid yourself that this movie is art, it makes the tragic mistake of taking itself too seriously while also taking its time.

Still there are worse ways to spend two hours then watching bad French erotica.

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