Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1970: Disney's Haunted Mansion with Kurt Russell and the Osmonds

A very young Kurt Russell

In 1970 the Wonderful World of Disney presented a insiders tour of Disneyland hosted by then major Disney star, Kurt Russell and his sidekicks, the Osmond Brothers.

Kurt with the Osmonds, Donny is the short one in the center

Along with showing off the various attractions in the park and generally shilling for vacation dollars in general, the highlight of the tour was an inside look at the construction and operation of the Haunted Mansion.

A Haunted Mansion Imaginner at work

I truly love watching all this wonderful old technology in play. In a pre-CGI world when you had to do everything "for real" the Disney crew were the very best in the world at creating illusions.

Here's the Mansion section, enjoy...

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