Monday, October 31, 2011

70's Music - Live! Pop! Live!

Thanks to television shows from Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street, plus rock music on Mike Douglas and Dinah Shore and especially shows like Soul Train and the late night classic, The Midnight Special, there really are all sorts of great live performances out there of all sorts of classics 70's tunes, some of which, I'm betting most of you have never even thought of hearing live.

Or maybe ever want to.

But be that as it may, here's 5 hits to have yourself a full-fledged middle-class, 1970's jam out pop orgy.

So let's dive right in......

 Manfred Mann's Earth Band performs their huge hit version of Bruce Springsteen's, Blinded by the Light, that not only is a great performance, but also, as opposed to the studio recording, thoroughly understandable, when they sing the lines....

.. revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night.

Despite what Helen Reddy says in the introduction to the next song, we really never heard from the Sanford Townsend Band again after their one hit, Smoke From a Distant Fire, but still here's a nice live performance from the Midnight Special.

Okay that was fun.

But if you want 70's pop, I have 70's pop for you right here brothers and sisters.

Are you ready for a live performance from none other than, Paper Lace with The Night Chicago Died????

Well you better be, because here it is.

Let's keep the rare live stuff going.

And you don'y get much more rare than this live performance of Brownsville Station with their ode to high school, Smokin' in the Boy Room.

Well enough of this whitebread stuff.

Let's finish with up with this quiet, sad performance from the legendary Bill Withers, Ain't No Sunshine..


  1. Hahaha... the longstanding joke in our house is that it's 'revved up like a douche...'


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