Monday, June 17, 2013

Superman & Batman - The Team-Up They Tried to Forget

The meeting of champions, Superman & Batman together on tv at last

In 1973, two comicbook titans met on screen for the first time. Together at last Batman and Superman, and who would have believed just how bad it could be?

Jack Burns & Avery Schreiber Meet Batman & Superman 

It was the 1973 ABC Saturday Morning Funtime Preview hosted by the comedy duo of Jack Burns and Avery Schreiber, two Borscht Belt comedians who looked totally lost pitching the new years Saturday morning cartoons to all the kid.

There are very few programs from 1973 that have held the test of time, with the Super Friends being the most famous, but 1973 was also the year that both pop star Rick Springfield and Lassie got their own cartoons, and Yogi Bear and all the gang went all ecology crazy on the adventures of Yogi's Ark Lark.

It was a real wreck of a year for cartoons, and the preview show was as bad as you possibly can imagine it. But still there's something about watching future Love Connection host Chuck Woolery as the Man of Steel that's hard not to like. That and this picture of Rick Springfield and Yogi Bear just hanging out.

Rick Springfield and Yogi Bear, this part was left out of Rick's Behind the Music episode

Anyway if you're in the mood for real stinky cheese, this baby is your limburger.


  1. I should have mentioned that the guy in the Bat-Suit was not Adam West, though so far I've had no luck finding out his name.

  2. Try Kurtwood Smith. I'd buy that for a dollar! :)

    1. that is not Kurtwood Smith, it is an ABC News anchorman whose name escapes me at the moment.