Saturday, June 22, 2013

May I Sniff Your Klompen Kloggen? - Advertisement's of the 1960's

Very Odd Pipe Tobacco Advertisement (1966)

Eat your heart out America, these are the reality of what those happy folks on Mad Men would really be selling circa 1966.

Early Batman Parody (1966)

Now that just sounds awful, hot Dr Pepper ad (1966)

That's just doesn't sound right to me. Ad describing possible strange sexual act (1966)

The wimpiest Harley-Davidson advertisement ever (1966)

Julie Newmar for Smirnoff (1966)

Why the hell is the little goblin kid selling men's pants. That's just wrong.  (1966)

Honda's Swing (1966)

The Loved One (1966) a film that promised to have something in it to offend everyone..and more or less did.

Sharon Tate for Coppertone (1966)

A Black & White advertisement introducing Paisley???(1966)

Introducing the 8 Track Player (1966)

Advertisement for what was undoubtedly a fine product, Studd Cologne (1966)

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