Sunday, June 23, 2013

More of Kurtzman's Little Annie Fanny

Little Annie Fanny as Morticia Addams 

Minor cartoon nudity ahead - Don't say I didn't tell you.

The artwork in Little Annie Fanny is remarkable to look at.

Roughed by Kurtzman then finished by Elder, often with help from the likes of Russ Heath, Al Jaffe or several other EC  artists.

Little Annie Fanny as Wondrous Woman 

The pages are just jammed with tiny visual one liners with panels sometimes having dozens of jokes per panel.

Little Annie Fanny  in a panel finished by the great Al Jaffee

By the middle of the 60's Annie was just a working girl looking to get ahead in show business as an actress and model. With her not so useful manager Sid by her side, Annie found herself taking some jobs she might later regret.

Little Annie Fanny for the Olympics

Below are some of my very favorite panels in Annie, all from the period between 1966 and 1972

The splashing splash panel, Little Annie Fanny 

Was wholesome Annie Fanny ready for the Swinging 60's?

Luckily though Annie could normally count on Daddy Bigbucks men Poonjab and the Wasp to rescue her when things got to weird.

Daddy Bigbucks assistants, Poonjab and the Wasp, no realtion

Annie gets ready for her date with Portnoy Alexander, while Portnoy gets ready for his date with Annie.

Little Annie Fanny in the kitchen
I think this next panel is one great big joyous use of sound effects making for a classic shot.

Fantastic Kurtzman/Elder page 1967

AS the 60's moved into the 70's, Annie found herself having to deal with situations far more complicated then keeping horny guys at bay. In one episode Annie found herself up against that scourge of American youth, yeas, I'm talking about....

Ralphie warns Annie about the assassin of youth

Ralphie, Annie's buddy and basically Goodman Beaver in a beard takes Annie to a parry where strange things are going on.

Little Annie Fanny finds herself in the middle of the Hippie revolution

The hippie era though was a great time for the art of Kurtzman and Elder, the panels just vibrate with life. Some of these panels are just a dream to behold.

Another fantastic panel from Kurtzman and Elder

Annie and her friend Wanda visit a 60's clothing store

Though it's safe to say from the panel below that Kurtzman really had no idea what the hell was going on and was reacting to the social changes going on around him like the aging ad man that he was.

Kurtzman demonstrates why middle aged men in 1972 were better off not opening their mouth about feminism

I do love this early 70's panel featuring the hapless Ralphie, reading an underground newspaper, with new materials provided by both Robert Crumb and Gilbert Shelton, both happy getting a chance to work with one of their mentors, Harvey Kurtzman,.

R Crumb and Gilbert Shelton provided their own material to be used on this Kurtzman page.

 By the time the 70's rolled around Annie began finding herself involved with situations you'd have never imaged the girl getting into in 1963. Never the less though being Annie, she retained her charm and sense of humor for the entire ride.

The 70's were definitely getting strange for Annie

I think Hef owns the copyright on Annie, but I'm not sure, either way, all ownership to whoever owns it.

Also you can get the Annie collections here and here.


  1. I like all these except the one that seems to hate on feminism.

  2. I married the real Little Annie Fanny. SHe was going to do the movie fpr them.