Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Three Dog Night

Three Dog night

One of the great pop bands of the early 1970's was Three Dog Night, with their combination of three lead singers and tight harmonies, the band had numerous pop hits throughout the early 1970's.

Their most famous song is the Chuck Negron led, Joy to the World, but honestly, I don't really like that song, so I'm not going to post it here.

Despite the overplayed novelty hit of the Hoyt Axton song, Three Dog Night also put out quite a few solid pop songs.

Cory Wells takes the lead on the Randy Newman penned Mama Told Me Not To Come, which was a number one hit for the band in 1970.

One thing that, Cory Wells, Chuck Negron and Danny Hutton, the three singers for Three Dog Night all had in common was a slight blues rasp to their singing style that transferred over well when they broke out the harmonies, like in this classic hit by Laura Nyro, Eli's Coming

Another song by the band that is a personal favorite of mine is Daniel Moore's, Shambala with Cory Wells once again on lead.

Although I think the lyrics are a bit sappy by today's standard's Danny Hutton does a great job on the lead vocals for their cover of Arkin and Robinson's, Black & White.

Let's round this out with another song with Chuck Negron on lead's, on Paul William's Old Fashioned Love Song.

Certainly a commercial pop band and not one that was looking to change the world, Three Dog Night, never the less put out some excellent music and are fine examples of 70's pop.

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  1. Interesting. I had heard of, but never really paid attention to this band, but these examples certainly give me a newfound appreciation of them. Not as innovators or as "serious" artists (whatever that means), but as craftsmen who knew how to put out a nice, catchy ditty. And as a roots rock and power-pop fan there's certainly nothing wrong with that.