Tuesday, August 2, 2011

La Horde: A New Kind of French Cuisine


From 2009, La Horde is a great little zombie/gangster film from directors, Yannick Danhan and Benjamin Rocher.

A group of renegade cops who after the death of one of their comrades go seeking revenge against the Nigerian street thugs who murdered him get more then they bit off when their revenge goes disastrously wrong, and then to make matters worse, Paris is suddenly overrun with a zombie apocalypse.

Forced to work together, the remaining gangsters and cops struggle to escape and survive.

Well filmed, nicely acted and with a decent budget, La Horde is a first rate zombie action piece, with tons of violence, a good share of gore and some great, weird characters all around.

I definitely recommend it to all fans of good horror everywhere.

Oh yeah, definitely see this in French with the subtitles, the acting is well worth it.

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