Wednesday, December 4, 2013

2010 - The Dead

The Dead (2010) UK Poster art

Just finished watching what was a first rate Zombie B-picture, 2010's, The Dead.

Written, directed and produced by the brother team of Howard and Jonathon Ford, this story of an American mercenary, slowly making his way across a zombie infested West Africa impressed me with its solid performances by actors Rob Freeman and Prince David Oseia, effective plot, decent special effects and some downright creepy walkers.

This is a quiet film, with limited dialog, but that quiet works in the movies favor as the slowly shuffling dead continually appear whenever a person actually stands still. The tension never breaks and you can feel the exhaustion on the characters.

It was good to see a production that recognized the limitations of its budget and work around them with good acting and a decent script. The zombies are slower then Romero's, but they are always there and they never stop. Creepy, effective and scary, a first rate film.

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