Sunday, February 17, 2013

Movie Advertisements: December 11, 1976

Hi gang.

I've got some more movie advertisements to share with you, this time from the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, on December 11th 1976.

The Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, December 11, 1976

Colorado Springs in the 1970's had at least 6 drive-in's and 14 or 15 indoor theaters. Of course with the advent of video in the late 1970's that would all change. These days, there are still several theaters in town, but with one exception, the historic Peak Theater downtown, every last one of them is a giant box with 15 screens.

Also, the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, December 11, 1976

Forget the crappy king Kong remake, the best film on this page is the excellent Lee Marvin film, Shout at the Devil, a film I should really write about some day.

Once again, the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, December 11, 1976

A couple of highlights on this page, first and foremost the review of the Led Zeppelin film, the Song Remain the Same, as well as ads for Car Wash, Two minute Warning, and one of Woody Allen's best performances, and in a film he didn't direct it should be mentioned, The Front.

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