Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Magazineland: the Blog War

Magazineland 1977

So about two years ago I posted a couple of nice little bits about Joe Kubert and a promotional magazine he made for Sparta printing titles Magazineland.....

Joe Kubert and Magazineland

Magazineland 1977 - Complete

Nice little posts, but nothing special other then the fact that it took hours to get the pages scanned and cleaned up. Still imagine my surprise when earlier today, I had a friend point out this post over at some comic blog named 20th Century Danny Boy.

Now, it's not that I mind my scans being taken and used without attribution, this is the internet and all of us have been guilty of this in the past. It wasn't that he only wrote a quick half assed paragraph before going to press, and it doesn't even bother me that he didn't even reprint the entire book.

What bugs me is that his post hit larger numbers on it's first day then the two I had in their first six months.

Obviously I am going to need to spend some more time working on Studd and seeing what I can do to increase my readership. Because I don't mind being ripped off, but I hate being obscure and ripped off.

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